Wharley Hook Garages Harlow CM18

1-9 Garages demolished and converted into parking spaces (new concrete floor and fencing works).

About this Project

The project in Harlow, CM18, transformed 1-9 garages into valuable parking spaces, featuring new concrete floors and secure fencing. This urban development initiative improved community infrastructure, maximized space utility, and reflected sustainable practices in urban planning.

  • Demolition of 1-9 garages.
  • Construction of parking spaces with durable concrete flooring.
  • Installation of secure fencing for enhanced security and space demarcation.
  • Focus on sustainability and efficient use of space.

    In Harlow, CM18, a noteworthy project successfully repurposed underutilized garage spaces into a well-designed parking area, enhancing the local infrastructure. The initiative commenced with the careful demolition of 1-9 garages, making way for the construction of new parking spaces. These spaces were meticulously planned, featuring robust concrete flooring to ensure durability and low maintenance. Additionally, secure fencing was installed, delineating the new parking area while ensuring security and aesthetic appeal. This project not only provided a practical solution to the community’s parking needs but also showcased a commitment to sustainable urban development, optimizing the use of existing spaces and improving the overall quality of life for residents.

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